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Interwoven: A community art installation

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A community is interwoven, inextricably connected.  No matter age, race or gender, we are joined in the common bond of love of family, community, shared human interests and values.

In January 2018, we invited the Murray community to participate in this community arts project, creating small & large individual circular weavings to be connected together to create the full installation.  Over 850 weavings were collected from workshops at the MAG, in senior centers, by girl scouts, through take-home kits, and in schools.  On February 23rd, we held the Opening Reception at the Miller Center in Murray, KY where Interwoven stayed through April.

You can now see parts of Interwoven at the following places:

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Our Voices

our voices 1.jpg

Our Voices
Murray-Calloway County Central Park & Murray Art Guild

The Murray Art Guild was recently awarded a “360 Grant” from the Community Foundation of West Kentucky in order to facilitate an art and wellness project, entitled “Our Voices” for area highschool students.  Creativity can help teens express and process hard feelings, such as grief, fear, and anger that they may not have words for.  In light of recent events in our region, this special, nonpartisan, collaborative project was created to help the students process their emotions, and express their "voice" for support or healing or change for the local community.

“Our Voices” is a collaboration of the Murray Art Guild, Murray High School, Calloway County High School, Murray Calloway County Parks & Recreation, and local artist and art and wellness instructor, Jennifer Fairbanks.  Jennifer Fairbanks, a Murray High alumnus, received a Bachelor of Arts from Murray State University, a Masters of Art in Art Therapy from New York University, as well as attending various short-term, art-intensive academies and receiving multiple awards.  Currently she operates Gallery 109 in Murray, KY, doing commission work and offering painting, drawing, and art and wellness classes for the Murray community

The project involved around 700 students embellishing 6” x 8” blank cotton flags with either words or artwork after spending some time going through written prompts which led the students to consider their emotions and any positive change they would like to see in our community.  The artwork was created at the schools in the last few weeks of March; and then the completed flags were installed in the Murray Calloway County Central Park, across from the amphitheater, for public display from April to May. 

The exhibit has been moved to the back of the Murray Art Guild for the rest of the summer season.  Come by & enjoy!! 

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MAG Members: Small Works

Summer in the Hamptons.jpg

MAG GALLERY: Dec 2 - 21
MAG Members: Small Works
Opening Reception / Sunday, December 2 / 2-4pm


  • All media accepted

  • One or two entries per member & membership up-to-date

  • Work should be current

  • “Small” means…eh, 20” or less. Talk to me if you have concerns. If we can make it work, we will!

  • Late entries will NOT be accepted.

  • You must be able to pick up work at designated dates (we have NO storage)!

  • 2D work must be ready to hang with a wire

  • Work should be labeled: name, title, medium, price or NFS

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to Oct 26

John & Cindy McLaren: 90 Degrees


MAG Gallery Oct 5-29

John & Cindy McLaren: 90 Degrees

Opening Reception / Friday October 5 / 5-7pm

John has been Cindy's favorite teacher ever since they met in Physics Lab at Murray State University in 1976. They continue to learn and do things together. Both are retired from Murray State, John from teaching Telecommunications, and Cindy from System Programming. John has been painting throughout his entire life. Cindy began framing, photographing, and displaying John's work in October 2015. She recently joined him in going to Life Drawing sessions, at first just to "try it out" yet she has embraced this artistic outlet ever since. John set Cindy up with a few supplies and perhaps a few pointers, but she will always remember that 'practice' is the most important part of learning.

Life Drawing, or "Life Art," as we like to call it, is a unique experience for both the artist and the model. Drawing from life provides a special energy and connection to that part of us that is so, well....human.

Enjoy Life! Enjoy Art! ~ John and Cindy McLaren “teaksouls”


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to Sep 28

Michael Nalley: To Find Meaning

Murray-State-University 2.jpeg

MSU OMAS Recipient of the “MAGpie Award”
Michael Nalley: To Find Meaning

Closing Reception / Friday September 28 / 5-7pm

The Murray Art Guild is honored to present the work of Michael Nalley. Nalley, a senior BFA student in Art & Deisgn, College of Humanities & Fine Arts at Murray State University, is the 2018 recipient of the MAGpie Award. The award is presented by MAG each spring during the Department of Art & Design’s annual student art show, the OMAS exhibition. His piece from the student show, which according to Nalley won him the award, is in this exhibition: “The Divine Revelation: Innocence Martyred.” Nalley is from Evansville, Indiana. His studio emphasis is in printmaking.

Artist Statement:

Meaning is derived through personal experience and a socially ingrained dogma.  My work serves as an outlet for that existential introspection, as well as an exploration of metaphysical ideas through a nihilistic lens, stripping down such derived meaning.  Formally my pieces use narrative scenes to explore themes of a life without meaning or one in search of true meaning, giving these characters form through lithography and screen printing.  The absurd and nihilistic themes serve as the metanarrative to the pieces, always ingrained in the background of each scene that is depicted.

The nihilistic and absurdist themes in my art are heavily influenced by the works of Albert Camus, most notably The Stranger.  A book that directly questions and refutes traditional morality, looking directly at what it means to live in a world without innate meaning or purpose.

My work shows detailed scenes out of a man's life, set in a pseudo-Victorian setting.  I use the time periods conflict between religion and secularism as a metaphor for the collapse of derived meaning through faith as rational thought consumes ideas of faith and the reliance of such frameworks for moral direction and meaning.  Formally my pieces focus on physical forms, characters acting in a Victorian environment in narrative scenes, using nihilistic themes as the metanarrative underlying the tale. My influences come in the form of Francis Bacon, who also explored themes of existential awakening and dread, as well as Andrew DeCean who uses detailed scenes to break down the everyday human experience through very inventive printmaking.

My artmaking is a tool in which I explore the absurd, and quantify a world without meaning.  I use narrative scenes, snapshots of life without meaning, to give visual form to philosophical ideas.  Taking inspiration from both the written word and more traditional artists. Creating art that is more focused with telling bits and pieces of a story, using existential dread and decay as a backdrop for a man's journey through life.

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to Aug 31




MAG GALLERY / Aug 10 -31
Hand Carved Decoys by the late James Philip Dobson: the James Gattis Collection
Reception Friday, Aug 24 / 5-7pm 

Song birds, Waterfowl, an Owl and a Skink:
Wood Carvings and Drawings by the late James Dobson
Reception Friday, Aug 10 / 5-7pm


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Summer Art Studios for Youth Exhibit 2018 + Book Signing


Summer Art Studios for Youth Exhibit + Book Signing
August 3-31
Murray Convention & Visitor's Bureau / 206 South 4th St (across from 1st Baptist)
Closing Reception:  Aug 31 / 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Parents mark your calendars!  Please join us at the MAG closing reception to celebrate your child's best work from the summer workshops!  Friends and family can also come see the work in the gallery during normal tourism bureau hours:  Mon-Fri, 8:30 - 5:00

All work will be taken home Aug 31, 7:00, after the reception.

horse smeller 2.jpg

Justine Riley (MAG instructor for book binding & clay) will be signing her recent book, "I'm a Horse Smeller" at this reception!  Her book can be purchased at the event, or on amazon.com

You can find out more about Justine's work and recent book at her website: sketchjournalrecord.com

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to Jul 21

Who We Are

  Labor of Love,  by Eva King

Labor of Love, by Eva King

MAG Gallery June 26- July 21

An exhibition celebrating the faces and personalities that make a community. Using media of choice, artists have portrayed members of their community through visual representation and/or prose. 

(July 24: Pick Up work)

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to Jun 23

Seen and Heard Around Murray by Bryan Warner

 Sassy Max & Leo by Bryan Warner

Sassy Max & Leo by Bryan Warner

MAG Gallery / June 1-23
Opening Reception June 1 / 6-8pm

Artist Statement:

The title of this body of images is taken from the local weekly newspaper column which ran for many years in the Ledger and Times. These images reflect my reverence for ordinary people, objects and things. I am interested in the different ways in which people find meaning in their lives, and how individuals explore and live in their surroundings. I derive hope from the beauty and ugliness.

I feel that people are conditioned to believe that the lives of politicians, elected officials, academics, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, and sports professionals are more important, more influential, and more significant than the lives of average nameless people.

This body of work is meant to reveal, uplift and celebrate the sometimes overlooked and underappreciated people and visual culture in our region of Kentucky.

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to May 26

Root Bound by Amanda Kaler, MAG Gallery


MAG Gallery 5/4 - 5/26
Opening Reception: Friday / May 4 / 6-8pm

Artist Statement: 
Through my work I explore the relationship between objects and their contents; when does protection become restriction?  Using cast-off fragments like bark, leaves, rocks, and animal remains in combination with living plants, I allude to the malleability of living things.  When these natural elements are displayed in containers-whether jars, boxes, or frames-I compel the viewer to question the intent of the arrangements:  Is it to elevate the object, or does it simply restrict it?  Does it force it to conform for rules that I, as creator, have placed on it? 

I repeatedly use formal components that have appeared in my previous work to confront my issues with attachment.  In reappropriating objects I depict the illusion of growth.  Through the process of artmaking, I attempt to reconcile my role as advocate and antagonist.

Artist Bio:
Amanda Kaler received her BFA in Printmaking from Murray State University in 2017, where she graduated magna cum laude.  She works in a variety of mediums with an emphasis in assemblage.  She has exhibited her work locally, winning several awards, including Best in Show/Department of Art & Design's Purchase Award at the 2017 OMAS Juried Exhibition and the Patricia L. Summerville Excellence in Printmaking Award.


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to May 1

Visual Evidence 2018, Wrather West KY Museum, MSU

 2018 Best of Show /  Serenade  / John McLaren

2018 Best of Show / Serenade / John McLaren

An Open Juried Exhibition
30th Annual

April 16 - 30
Reception @ Art Hop, April 21, 5-8pm

Wrather West KY Museum
@ Murray State University (16th St & University Drive)

(Pick up work @ Wrather on May 1: Noon - 5:30)

Visual Evidence 2018 - Awards


Best of Show / John McClaren / Serenade

First Place Painting / Annette Sitton / Tending the Garden

Second Place Painting / Feliz Griffin / The Covered Bazaar

First Place Drawing & Printmaking / Michael Crouse / Sprawl Icon iV

Second Place Drawing & Printmaking / Rosealyn Churchman / Medley

First Place 3D / Josh Adair / Incarceration, or the Burden of Blue China, For Oscar Wilde

Second Place 3D / Wyatt Severs / Fractals

First Place Photography / Tonya Chopra / The Best Kept Secret

Second Place Photography / Alexandria Nance / Beauty Amongst the Wreckage

Honorable Mention / Annette Sitton / Zinnia

Honorable Mention / Teresa Gilson / My Daddy

Honorable Mention / Kathy Callahan / Palatial Decay

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Roy Davis / Dressed For Excess: Painted Furniture from the Past


Dressed for Excess:  Painted Furniture from the Past
by Roy Davis

Opening Reception / Friday / Feb 9 / 5-7pm

Artist's Statement:

About twenty years ago I acquired some pieces of old wooden furniture--a fancy Victorian splat back chair, an ornate pedestal/lamp on view in this exhibit and three 19th century courtroom chairs (not shown in this exhibit).  They sat in a storage shed in my backyard for a long time until I thought it might be fun to give them new lives.  For decades they led very serious, purposeful lives in dimly lit Victorian homes and drab courtrooms and offices.  Since they now lived at my place I wanted them to have some fun (or at least be fun to look at).  So, using spray enamels and other unlikely design elements--aquarium gravel, pipe tobacco, articles of clothing, hairy horse hide, etc. --I dramatically changed their appearance as well as their purpose from mere function to art.  I like to think I gave them a sense of humor and made them more fun to live with.

Along the way, my friends Wayne and Kay Bates liked what I was doing and asked me to build a couple of items for their new home--headboard cabinets for their bedroom and an enclosed, combined bed/TV stand for their new puppy (TV on top/puppy below).  In the meantime, they bought a half-dozen unfinished antique cabinets and a small occasional table.  Wayne asked if I'd be interested in painting them for him and Kay with--get this--no restrictions imposed.  Wayne has strong opinions about what he calls "matchy-matchy" art.  I took that to mean "anything goes."

Making a short story long, it took almost fifteen years but I finished the last one in the past week--just in time for this exhibition.  Don't get me wrong.  There is not fifteen years of labor involved.  I worked on them as the spirit moved me, working in between other commissions from my coffin clients and occasions of low energy and inspiration.  The final piece was finished two weeks before this exhibition.

So, here's hoping you have even a fraction as much fun looking at them as I had in making them.  And please be sure to thank Wayne and Kay for their enduring patience.


Special thanks to our business sponsors, Clean Cut Lawn Service and Lucky's Grill & Pub!

Clean Cut Lawn.jpg
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to Dec 21

MAG Members: Small Works



Reception and Art Market Holiday Open House 12.3 / 2pm

Pickup 12.22 10-4pm or 12.23 10-2pm


·       All media accepted.

·       One (or two) entries per member / membership up to date.

·       Work should be current.

·       Small means…eh, 20” or less. Talk to me if you have concerns. If we can make it work, we will!

·       Late entries will not be accepted.

·        Must be able to pick up work at designated dates (we have no storage!)

·       2D work must be ready to hang with wire!

·       Work should be labeled.


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to Nov 25

David Harold Sheridan

david sheridan.jpg

In the Dreamtime of Shaken Earth

MAG Gallery 11.3 - 11.25
Reception 11.11 / 6-8pm

David Harold Sheridan's photography has won numerous awards over the years.  His works are in collections across the United States, Europe and Japan.  His painting, "The Birth Of The Irish," won best of show in Impressions 2009 at the Ice House Gallery in Mayfield, Kentucky.  He is currently at work on a book, "In The Dreamtime Of Shaken Earth," a collection of his photographs and writings.  He resides in Martin, Tennessee.

"I feel that the areas of Northwest Tennessee and Western Kentucky are a major influence on my work.  The violent creation via earthquakes of the terrain and the mystery therein intrigue me. I try to capture that mystery when I can.  These photographs are heart songs to the land that gave me birth and identity."
---David Harold Sheridan

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to Oct 11

MAG 50th Anniversary Retrospective Exhibit

 Image of MAG's first art exhibit @ The Hitching Post in Aurora, KY1968

Image of MAG's first art exhibit @ The Hitching Post in Aurora, KY1968

Come join us as we celebrate 50 years of art!  This Retrospective Exhibit will feature artwork from MAG members from 1967-2017. 

Opening reception will be September 30th, 6-8pm.  This will be a large community event with food, music, silent auction & fun!

Held at the Robert O'Miller Center, 201 South 4th Street, Murray, KY

Sponsored in part by: Murray Construction & Real Estate, Dr. Brad Robertson DMD & Gear Up Cycles

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to Aug 30

Light and Shadow: A creative response to the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Light & Shadow: A Creative Response to the 2017 Solar Eclipse
August 18-30 / MAG Gallery
Reception: Sunday August 20, 2-4pm
Solar eclipse glasses available at reception!

Image: "She'll Show You When She Hides You"
Ann Flowers Gosser, mixed media

The Murray Art Guild will present the exhibit “Light & Shadow: A Creative Response to the 2017 Solar Eclipse” in August, 2017, in the Guild Gallery.  On August 21, 2017 the first total solar eclipse visible from the continental United States in nearly 4 decades (since 1979) will occur. For 2 minutes and 40 seconds the moon will block the sun, turning daylight to darkness and revealing the sun’s shimmering crown. A swath of western Kentucky will have a great viewing of this occurrence. As an artist, how do you respond in anticipation of this event?



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to May 14

VISUAL EVIDENCE / Robert O. Miller Center

Best of Show:  Tanya Chopra, Home Sweet Home
First Place Painting: Jennifer Fairbanks, Donuts
Second Place Painting:  Caitlin Hemenway, Spark of Life
First Place Photography: Tina Sexton, Controlled Fire
Second Place Photography: Denise Schmittou, Ribbon Shadow
First Place Drawing/Print Making: Marie Dolchan, Grey Still Life
Second Place Drawing/Print Making: Elaina Bartlett, Someone as Good
First Place Sculpture (all 3D): Wyatt Dagla Severs, Day Table
Second Place Sculpture (all 3D): Shelby Clark, Hunger Pains
First Place Fibers/Mixed Media: Diana Wicai, Betsy
Second Place Fibers/Mixed Media: Annette Mooso Sitton, Cat Tails
Honorable Mention: Lisa Weiss, Ode to Agnes
Honorable Mention: Roy Davis, Reliquery for Found Objects

A regional juried art exhibition held at Murray's Robert O. Miller Center, 201 South 4th Street.  This will be part of our Spring Art Hop on April 22.

2017 Schedule Exhibition Dates / April 17 - April 28

Pick up work / April 28

2017 Juror: Christopher M. Lavery


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to Apr 8

SANDY MILLER SASSO / Mare Crisium:Sea of Crisis / MAG Gallery


Mare Crisium: Sea of Crisis

 I began the new drawings and paintings for this show in May of 2016 and completed them in February 2017.  During these ten months, and outside the safety of my studio, the world went through radical changes that are reflected in my examination of form in darkness and light. As I worked I thought about Truth, Hostility, Love, Freedom, Hope, Dignity, Vulnerability and Strength in addition to the passage of Time and the reassuring but vulnerable repetition of Nature.

 In this body of work, my focus is on illuminated objects from the woods where we live.  I work from life so my experience is meditative and part of an artistic and scientific tradition of observation. I bought a 3-D printed moon to use in my still life setups. The leaves I often depict symbolize the fragile strength of humanity and of the environment.  A few older pieces are in the show as well because they are relevant.

For this series, in which the moon often appears, I was initially inspired by seeing a lunar globe in a scientific supply store at the very end of 2015. On the globe were printed the names of the seas of the moon, or “lunar maria” – Sea of Clouds, Sea of Rains, Sea of Vapors, Sea of Islands, Sea of Nectar, Sea of Tranquility, Ocean of Storms, Sea of Vapours, Sea of Fecundity, Sea of Crisis, Sea that has Become Known… I let those mysterious names guide me as I created this series of images that gave me focus as the world around me dissolved, transformed, and reformed. As we lost civility here on earth the moon and those distant, mysterious “seas” remained constant and dignified.  Everyone on earth can see the moon. It is a great unifier.

The name of one “sea,” in particular, resonates with everyone my age. On July 20, 1969, the summer before I started to high school, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the Sea of Tranquility during the Apollo 11 mission. Like now, that was a time of social crisis, but the Eagle had landed and man had walked on the moon. Everyone in America watched - we were unified and proud. On that day, we thought the country that did that, could solve any problem.

Renaissance scientist Galileo Galilei, both a scientist and an artist, drew the moon in 1610. Scientist Giovanni Battista Riccioli named the geographical features of the moon we use today.  His collaborator, Francesco Maria Grimaldi, also a scientist and artist, assisted in the naming and drew the map of the moon depicted in their work, Almagestum Novum, published in 1651.

Sandy Miller Sasso
February 12, 2017
Sassoville, Almo, KY


The Guild Gallery
Located in the MAG facility, with an 11 month exhibition schedule, this small Gallery features the work of local and regional artists. Contact the Guild office for information on exhibition opportunities.

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