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Watercolor Workshop: Pigment Characteristics



You might benefit from this class, if…

  • You’re a beginning watercolor artist and you find the plethora of available paints confusing. This course will make it easy for you to decide which paints to buy.

  • You’re an accomplished watercolor artist but you would like to explore some ways to diversify you palette and style.

  • You would like to learn to mix paints more effectively, with a technique that accurately predicts the outcome.

  • You’re not satisfied with some of your paints, but you can’t say exactly why, nor do you have a solution. Perhaps you have some paints that you purchased but they don’t behave like the ones you’re accustomed to using.


Friday evening we will…

  • Build a vocabulary about color and pigments that will help us move fluidly through Saturday’s exercises

  • Dismiss many of the age-old myths about colors and paints

  • Investigate some of the indispensable web sites for the watercolor artist

  • See some examples of watercolor artists making use of specific pigment characteristics

  • Evaluate the paints you currently use

    Saturday we will…

  • Put pigments to work: Develop some techniques for effectively testing watercolor pigments and to predict how they will work for us in our art

  • Escape the ‘color wheel’ mentality: Using pigment charts, mixing lines and palette gamuts, we will mix paints in exciting new ways.

  • Experience some exotic pigments: 90% of the watercolor pigments available today are never used by 90% of the watercolor artists. See how these can provide many new creative options to our art.

    We will not be painting a painting, although you will create some things you will definitely want to keep. When you’re done, you will be much more confident in selecting and buying watercolor paint, in mixing paint, and in testing paint. You will understand the characteristics of watercolor paint and be able to easily determine a particular pigment’s natural characteristics.


DATE & TIME: Friday, October 26 / 6-8pm
WHERE: Murray Art Guild
WHAT: Artist talk and demo on all things pigment.  Including, but not limited to pigment characteristics, identifiers, what exactly is pigment anyway & just how do I use color charts!

DATE & TIME: Saturday, October 27 / 10am - 2pm (bring a sack lunch)
WHERE: John & Cindy's Studio / 3954 Pottertown Road, Murray KY
WHAT:  Putting it into practice.  We'll all be painting today as we look at mixing techniques, mixing creative 'mud,' tricks to creating new colors & analyzing palettes, and more!

COST: $70
Click here to pay & register!

Students should bring:
sketchbooks for notes
tube watercolor paints
size 6 & 8 brushes, rounds

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