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Seen and Heard Around Murray by Bryan Warner

Sassy Max & Leo by Bryan Warner

Sassy Max & Leo by Bryan Warner

MAG Gallery / June 1-23
Opening Reception June 1 / 6-8pm

Artist Statement:

The title of this body of images is taken from the local weekly newspaper column which ran for many years in the Ledger and Times. These images reflect my reverence for ordinary people, objects and things. I am interested in the different ways in which people find meaning in their lives, and how individuals explore and live in their surroundings. I derive hope from the beauty and ugliness.

I feel that people are conditioned to believe that the lives of politicians, elected officials, academics, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, and sports professionals are more important, more influential, and more significant than the lives of average nameless people.

This body of work is meant to reveal, uplift and celebrate the sometimes overlooked and underappreciated people and visual culture in our region of Kentucky.