Empty Bowl Studios

May - Sep 2017

Next scheduled studio:  July 11, Tuesday, 11-Noon.  Call MAG to pre-register!

  • Empty Bowls is a community project raising awareness and financial support for those in our community with food insecurities.
  • Murray Art Guild gets it started by partnering with the community to create handcrafted bowls. The Empty Bowls Studios connect artists with community; we’ll gladly schedule your group!
  • The bowls are created for Need Line’s Empty Bowl Event, scheduled for Oct. 13, 2017 in the park. 
  • A simple meal of soup and bread will be served.
  • For a minimum $20 donation (premium bowls = premium donation), participants will choose one of the handcrafted bowls for their soup. After the dinner, folks may take home the empty bowl as a gentle reminder of all the empty bowls in the world.
  • Event proceeds go to assist those in our area with food insecurities.
  • In the studio we will be crafting clay bowls. No worries, no experience necessary. We’ll shape the prepared clay over forms and embellish the surfaces. It’s helpful hands on mud fun, join us!
  • The studio can accommodate 10-12 people. It will take about an hour to complete one bowl and cost is $3 per bowl.

This is great for all ages!  Call the MAG @ 270-753-4059 to schedule your group.